I’m just happy to be here

Join Vader and an occasional friend as we chat about our lives, technology, LGBT issues and more.

  • Nattering and catching up
    Vader talks to you about everything going on, how fat he is and some feelings about the WWDC keynote. I’d love to hear from you. Send an email or voiceletter to ihaltspodcast@gmail.com.
  • This week in my life
    Just catching everyone up on what’s been going on since I podcasted last. A followup on the apps discussion, some travel update and Big Fatty’s tech woes.
  • Larry’s Fave Apps
    Pretending that money is no issue, Larry spends 30 minutes telling you all about the apps he uses regularly that have been, mostly, game changers. Unfortunately, there was too much nattering in the beginning… Read More »Larry’s Fave Apps