Episode 5

Thanks for subscribing. Today I’m old, tired and fat and need to vent about the US medical system. I also touch on the new iMacs as well as address shopping at the Little Aussie Battler Memorial Shopping Mall and Snowcone Experience.

Episode 4

On today’s show I’m joined by the Podfather, Archerr. Sorry for the audio. I was trying something new and, well, I should stick with what I know. If you’re looking for the rest of the Daniel chat, it will be coming out later in the… Read More »Episode 4

Episode 3

Today I’m joined by Daniel J. Brewer, international internet celebrity. I had a few topics and was assuming we’d chat for about 25 minutes…. we went about an hour. From Disney to RV’s, we had a lot to say.

Episode 2

Maybe I had too much to say today. A quick catchup on my week and recent medical issues. I also rant a little about Wal-Mart and shopping there.

Episode 1

This is just a quick (disco-inspired) episode to say, “HI!” to everyone the same way a Grindr bot would message you. I hope to have regular episodes weekly and promise to keep them short.