Episode 11

A day late and a half-priced bag of candy short, I’m back. Today we talk about my scientific study of Halloween, hear a voice letter from Scotty and dive into my thoughts on the Apple event last week. Thanks for listening. Share a voice letter… Read More »Episode 11

Episode 10

It’s a quiet Saturday morning at the Vader Family Compound, so I thought I’d sit down and chat for a minute. Nothing too terribly exciting. A little eye-gas update, budget and mental health. Sorry for the background whir, but we’ve reached full on summer here… Read More »Episode 10

Episode 9

It’s, finally here… another little show. Super excited to get back on and natter a little, even if I’ve said everything on podcasts over the last week. I chat about Dr. Stone’s cable management fetish as well as my flu shot. It’s riveting and will… Read More »Episode 9

Episode 8

Hey everyone! Larry is back from a hiatus and recovering from surgery. This is an update on life, the detached retina, my gassy eye and what I’ve been listening to. If you’d like to contact me, drop me a line: ihaltspodcast@gmail.com

Episode 7

I’m back! Just giving you, my faithful listeners, an update on my Detached Retina, the surgery and recovery. Also issues with the new Blue Yeti microphone. Thanks for listening and for all of the feedback. If you want to contact me, you can email me.

Episode 6

This is the second half of the Daniel Brewer little show. I’ll be back in a few days with some real life updates and stories about my weekend hootenanny.

Episode 5

Thanks for subscribing. Today I’m old, tired and fat and need to vent about the US medical system. I also touch on the new iMacs as well as address shopping at the Little Aussie Battler Memorial Shopping Mall and Snowcone Experience.

Episode 4

On today’s show I’m joined by the Podfather, Archerr. Sorry for the audio. I was trying something new and, well, I should stick with what I know. If you’re looking for the rest of the Daniel chat, it will be coming out later in the… Read More »Episode 4

Episode 3

Today I’m joined by Daniel J. Brewer, international internet celebrity. I had a few topics and was assuming we’d chat for about 25 minutes…. we went about an hour. From Disney to RV’s, we had a lot to say.

Episode 2

Maybe I had too much to say today. A quick catchup on my week and recent medical issues. I also rant a little about Wal-Mart and shopping there.